Americans For Schools

Mid-State RV Center and IMPACTorg are working together to help provide teachers with the supplies they need for their classrooms.



Go into the world and do well...Founded in October 2012, Americans For Schools (AFS) raises funds to provide education technology, textbooks, and classroom teaching materials to schools through innovative, sustainable efforts in which everyone can become involved. AFS aims to combat mediocrity in American schools by sparking meaningful, positive change that dramatically impacts the lives of schoolchildren and their families. The organization's stated goals include enriching student engagement and fostering parent involvement. Americans For Schools is a not-for-profit social enterprise that depends on the participation of schools and parents to perform its mission.

Americans for Schools is an idea, a movement, an independent platform for companies, non-profit organizations, parents, retailers, teachers and other citizens to unite and champion efforts to help children be safe, loved, cared for, fed, and educated. We are all part of this society and the global village, and it is not only our duty but our social and moral obligation to ensure that our children get the foundation they need, so that they can look forward to a future of opportunity instead of deprivation.

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