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A sandwich of structural frame members, wall paneling, insulation and exterior covering that is adhesive-bonded under pressure and heat to form an RV's walls, floor and roof.


Liquefied Petroleum gas, either propane or butane. Propane fuels RV appliances, such as the stove and refrigerator.


A 1/8" plywood used as a substrate to hang fiberglass onto RV sidewalls.

monitor panel

A visual indicator of fluid levels within the storage tanks of the RV.


Net Carrying Capacity (NCC) is the amount of cargo, passenger and fluid weight that can be added to an RV without exceeding its GVWR. The NCC label in an RV may not include the weight of dealer installed or factory installed options already on the vehicle. Subtract UVW from the GVWR and the result is what can be added to the factory weight.


Coachmen's exclusive No-Mess™ Termination system is an easy to swivel boom arm that provides a convenient storage location for the termination hose. Your storage bay stays cleaner and the hose can remain connected after use.


Oriented strand board. A competitor to plywood, OSB is made from dried wood strands mixed with wax and adhesive, formed into thick mats, and then hot-pressed into panels. The major disadvantage of OSB is that if it gets exposed to significant amounts of water or moisture, the edges expand by up to 15%.


A lightweight camper with sides that collapse for towing and storage, the folding camping trailer (aka pop-up) combines the experience of open-air tent camping with sleeping comforts, basic conveniences and weather protection found in other RVs.

Power Stroke

a Ford 6.0L Turbo Diesel engine, 235hp, 440 lbs.-ft. torque.


LPG or liquefied petroleum gas. Used in RVs for heating, cooking and refrigeration.


The portion of a hitch that permits a hitch bar or shank to be inserted. The receiver may be either 11/2-, 15/8- or 2-inch square; the smallest being termed a mini-hitch.


Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association


Recreational Vehicle Industry Association

safety chains

A set of chains that are attached to the trailer A-frame and connected to the tow vehicle while towing. Safety chains are intended to keep the trailer attached to the tow vehicle in the event of hitch failure, preventing the trailer from complete separation. They should be installed using an X-pattern (criss-crossed) so the coupler is held off the road in the event of a separation.

Select Comfort

The leading U.S. manufacturer of adjustable firmness air mattresses and the creator of the Sleep Number bed.

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