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Describes the separation of exterior fiberglass paneling from its luan substrate in the sidewall of an RV. Usually caused by moisture intrusion and gives the exterior fiberglass a wavy or bubbled appearance. Depending on the scale of the delamination, it can be costly to repair.

Diamond Shield

Diamond Shield is an 8mil pressure sensitive urethane film which contains UV inhibitors which resist yellowing. Diamond Shield Paint Protection Film is designed to preserve the beauty of ALL exterior auto type finishes. Diamond Shield eliminates paint chips and damage caused by stone chips, bug acids, road debris and weathering. Installation of Diamond Shield on your vehicle at the factory WILL prevent any damage caused in transportation from the factory to the dealership...and for years to come. Diamond Shield's exclusive system wraps edges on the hood, generator doors and their compartments. No snaps, nuts or fasteners. No holes need to be drilled into your investment. There is no wind noise, no paint chafing and no special care is needed, just wash and polish the way you always have. Diamond Shield will help your investment retain its value and will save time and money in reconditioning costs while allowing the color brilliance to shine through.


A booth-like dining area in which the table may be lowered to convert into a bed.


A vehicle towed behind a motorhome, sometimes with two wheels on a special trailer called a tow dolly, but often with all four wheels on the ground.


Direct Spark Ignition. This term refers to the method of igniting the main burner on a propane fired appliance. The burner is lit with an electric spark and the flame is monitored by an electronic circuit board. This ignition system is used in refrigerators, furnaces and water heaters.


A pickup truck, or light-duty tow vehicle, with four tires on one rear axle.


The Coachmen exclusive Duratube™ copper LP lines help to extend the life of your appliances. Corrosion-resistant copper lines run the full length from LP source to the appliance. Double flared ends ensure a tight seal.

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