The Shasta Story - A Proud Heritage

In 1941, when Californian Robert Gray built the first Shasta “house trailer” to be used as mobile military housing, he had no idea his homes on wheels would play a major role in establishing a billion-dollar industry. Or that the little trailers would spark wanderlust in Americans that would carry them across the miles and into the next century. Shasta was, and remains, an important player in the ultimate American Dream; the freedom and desire to roam, explore and enjoy well learned leisure time with the people we love.

In the 1950s and '60s, the toaster-on-wheels look of the original Shasta trailer was the most recognizable shape on the road. There were other RV brands, but only Shasta was distinguished by those wings that signified flight and freedom. Through the 1960s and '70s, RVs became bigger and better, America’s burgeoning highway system evolved into interstates, and the wanderlust grew ever stronger. In the '80s and '90s, RVs continued to evolve into safer, more sophisticated homes away from home, with more features and greater comfort than ever.

Today, 70 years and three generations of Shasta owners later, Americans have the desire to travel like never before. Motivated by the rediscovery of our families and renewal of ourselves, we still respond to the call of the road.

In terms of product, the company has come a long way from the “toasters on wheels.” Today’s Shastas have sleek profiles and amenities that were unimaginable a generation ago. Yet, it is the memorable image of the little trailer with wings that brings each of us something no other manufacturer has to offer; nostalgia.

As the industry’s longest producer of recreational vehicles, Shasta has manufactured hundreds of thousands of RVs. We’ve earned our success in the best possible way – through experience … more experience than any other RV company in the world. Shasta’s respected name prevails in today’s fast-moving RV industry because of that experience, combined with a strong, service-oriented dealer network, a loyal, repeat-customer base, and our outstanding association with our parent company, Forest River. Shasta is proud of its longevity, and we pledge to continue to listen and to improve our commitment to satisfying America’s wanderlust, and to persist in creating generations of memories to come!



Easy to tow. Ready to go.

Oasis has room for the whole family. Even enough pass-through storage to take along the extras. That means you can get away whenever the road calls. Every inch is carefully planned for ease, roominess and comfort – like the big double-door refrigerator. You'll love all the features you get at this price.

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Nothing else even comes close.

Phoenix brings you all the finer things in a coach that most others leave out. Plank flooring, roller window shades and optional solid surface countertops. Fine residential furniture, unheard of storage and even lighted skylights and extra headroom. You won't believe all the extra comforts you'll get – more than you’ll find anywhere else at this price point. Don't you deserve to live well on the road?

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With Revere, you've got space.

Revere is designed for what you want on the road. There's room to stretch out and feel at home with 7' ceilings and deep slide-outs It feels bigger inside – but it's no bigger on the outside. Plus more storage at every turn and an array of floorplans to choose from. A plush, roomy sofa that invites you to sink in. A bunkroom for the kids, a gourmet kitchen, a large U-shaped Glossary Link dinette and a master suite. How did they do it?

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